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Section A:

Answer one of the following questions only.

  1. Increasingly, French agriculture has had to respond to market forces....and bear the consequences. Discuss the significance of this statement.
  2. Draft a short report outlining the main priorities for the French industry at the dawning of a new millennium. Use examples of government policy and company behaviour to highlight existing strength and weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  3. In France, aménagement du territoire changed its management style from dirigisme to décentralisation, adjusted its strategy from one based on the idea of hiérarchies to one based on the idea of réseaux, and, rather than playing a merely supporting role, has become a key player in the economic development of France. Evaluate this statement.

Section B:

Answer one of the following questions only.

  1. Discuss the issues raised by the attached advertisement. [ Text: Pendant les fêtes, c’est encore un senior qui fait consommer le monde. Picture: a black and white blur supposed to represent Santa Claus. Adopted from: Le temps retrouvé – le magazine des seniors]
  2. To what extent can it be said that the “terrible 90s” are well and truly over for the French advertising industry?