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Your student guide to .........

British Flag


The essentials

Known throughout the world as the Beatles’ birth place, famous for its football team (with Paul Ince and Michael Owen), its oldest Chinatown and its accent! 450,000 inhabitants or Scoucers (you’alright love?) as they put it there!!! Over 85,000 students (20,000 at JMU)

The Universities

There are two main universities in Liverpool: John Moores University, where you will study (different buildings throughout the city) The University of Liverpool You will study in the John Foster building (on Mount Pleasant) near the Metropolitan Cathedral. You will belong to the School of Modern Languages, but you will also take a few lessons in the Business School (same building).

School of Modern Languages
John Foster Building
98 Mount Pleasant
Liverpool L3 5UZ

You will have between 10 and 15 hours of lectures a week. With your student card, you have access to all the JMU libraries and to the Student Union of The University of Liverpool (The Guild) where famous bands play sometimes (you just need to have your JMU student card enrolled once) Student trips are organised for exchange students, often on Saturdays (quite cheap). Usually one-day trips, but also 2 or 3 days in Ireland…

Getting ready to travel


We recommend the following halls of residence For info go to:


Special events throughout the year

What to see in Liverpool


Not too far from Liverpool:

In England it is quite cheap to travel by bus with the National Express (especially if you book your ticket one week in advance), more expensive on the train. Rail Cards and National Express Bus Travel Cards are available.

Try the typical meal there: the scouse (delicious)

And what you will all be interested in: Nightlife! Liverpool is THE best place for students!


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We will be happy to help you at any time! Aix-en-Provence, FRANCE 1999/2000