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Module Title :Introduction to Critique

Module Code : LANCR 3001


Date of issue of exercise to students Friday 20th October 2000

Latest time and date for handing in assignment to the School Office no later than Monday 20th November 2000 at 4pm


Write an essay of 1500 words in answer to ONE of the following titles. Your analysis should include a discussion of the translating issues« You need to illustrate and support your arguments using examples from the language ( s ) you are studying e.g. French, German, Japanese, etc.

  1. Translating is a process of adapting and adjusting texts to suit the social, cultural and political environment of the target culture.

  2. The bilingual dictionary does not help solve the translators problems.

  3. Translators are copy-cats. Deviation from the original is unacceptable.

  4. The act of translating is never neutral. The translator takes sides.

  5. There are no communicative barriers in translation. All translating problems are linguistic.