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Module Code: LANEL 3005

Module Title: English Through British Television

Module Credit Rating: 12

Examination, December 2000

WEIGHTING OF QUESTIONS IN THIS EXAMINATION: Question l 50 Questions 2-5 (25 each) Answer only 2 questions == 50 TOTAL 100

WEIGHTING OF EXAMINATION AND COURSEWORK: Examination 60% Coursework 40% == 100

Duration 3 hours

Instructions to Candidates

Answer 3 questions Question l is compulsory Select 2 more questions from questions 2-5 Please double -space your answers

Write your answers in the answer booklet provided The fest hour will be spent in the video lab, the remaining questions will be written up in the allocated classroom. This examination paper has 4 pages, including this cover sheet LANEL3005 PAGE 10F 4 PAGES

Question 1. 50 marks. Compulsory question. One hour in 103a / video lab You are going to view a series of extracts taken from the programme:

The Secrets of the Dead

The video lasts 11 minutes in total. You can rewind and review the video in your own time, gathering information to help you answer the question set. Your written answer can be started whilst in the lab and completed when the allocated hour is over.

Write a 700 to 1000 word answer to the following question: What features make this a distinctive example of documentary programme making? Comment on:

  • The objective of the programme
  • The intended audience
  • The level of information and interest generated
  • The style and tone of the language used
  • The impact of music


    Question 2. 25 marks. For an audience, what role does semiological analysis play as an unconscious tool when they are watching their favourite television programme?

    Question 3. 25 marks. What features make Soaps a close approximation to real life? Answer in terms of: * Plausibility of characters * Language use and type * Development of narrative script * Treatment of current social issues Draw upon a variety of British Soaps to support your answer.

    Question 4. 25 marks. To what extent does personal preference, language awareness and cultural understanding influence the appreciation of comedy programmes. Provide examples taken from programmes viewed in and outside class.

    Question 5. 25 marks. Read the following transcript taken from a programme entitled 'Real Women' written by Susan Oudot. The programme is about a group of women who have been friends for several years. This is an extract from the first programme of the series.

    Analyse the transcript to reveal the following information: * The significant features of each character * How the relationship between the characters is established * The unifying element in the extract * The social significance of the various settings and representation of modem life.

    In a hospital:

    A new bom baby cries / the father cries / the mother cries

    In a house:

    Young man: Oh, mum, I've left my old snooker cue on the table. I haven't finished paying for it. Can you look after it for me? Mandy: Yes, sure. Young man leaves with arm around girlfriend and a large black bin bag full of clean clothes in the other hand.

    In a school setting:

    Man: Ah, Karen, glad I caught you. Simon's leaving present. (Rattles money in an envelope) Karen: Oh yes, ( Gets her purse out) Man: Should be a good party. What's the form on taking someone along? Karen: It's fine Man: You're not! Karen: No. Man: I've got a couple of tickets for the new Macbeth on the 19th. I was wondering if you'd like to come? The Aickeborn was very good. It was a shame you couldn't make it. Karen: Ah, well, um. I'll check in my diary. I'll get back to you on that. Man: Sure no problem. Oh, by the way. There was a message for you. It's a boy. Karen: Oh great. See you.

    In the hospital:

    Mother: Here, let his nan have a cuddle. Oh darling. Who's a lovely boy. Dodododo. Father: Alright? Mother: Ere, Sue, his mouth is going nineteen to the dozen. Is he due a feed? Susan: It's not like that now a days mum. We feed on demand. Father: You'll soon get fed up with that when he's keeping you up all night. Mother: Humph. When did you lose any sleep with either of our two? I was awake half the night what with feeding and colic and then expected to have his breakfast, cooked of course, on the table at 7, then office cleaning at half past. And then home to a bucket full of nappies! Father: God help us! Susan: There's no going back son. This is it!

    In an office:

    Anna: Did you send some flowers to Susan? Secretary: You had some calls while you were on the phone. Your mother called. Anna: That can wait. Secretary: Amanda wanted a word. Anna: That can definitely wait. Secretary: And frank called. Anna: Frank! Why didn't you tell me? Secretary: Tried but you waved me away. No, he's gone out. said he'd try later, is that o.k.? Anna: it will have to be, won't it! In the house: (Phone rings) Karen: Hi Mandy it's Karen. Have you heard the news? Mandy: No! Karen: It's Susan. She's had a boy. Mandy: Oh, lovely.